Sunday 17 . . .  3.30pm
Judith Rough (Soprano) & John Martin (Piano)

"Belle Époque - songs from the golden age of French song"

L'Heure Exquise . . . Hahn
Ah Chloris . . . Hahn
Le Rossignol des Lilas . . . Hahn
Quand je fus pris au pavillon . . . Hahn
Voici que le Printemps . . . Debussy
Clair de Lune  . . .  Faure
Après un rêve . . . Faure
Mandoline . . .  Faure
Chanson d'amour . . . Faure
Villanelle . . . Eva Dell'Aqua

Wednesday 20 . . .  1.15pm
Diana Weston (Harpsichord) & Tara Hashambuoy (Violin)

One or the Other
Music for harpsichord or piano forte,
depending on which instrument you have

This concert features the lovely Italianate harpsichord gifted to resident organist and music director Allan Beavis.
By the last few decades of the eighteenth century and into the nineteenth the new piano-forte was being adopted by more and more people as its qualities of expression became recognized and the technology improved. Of course, many still possessed a harpsichord so for a time, composers were having to take into account the characteristics of each if they wanted to sell their copy.
The sonata by CF Abel is still in the land of the harpsichord, though piano fortes have entered the scene. That of Maria Anna Martinez could be played on either instrument, while a generation after Abel, that of Ignace Pleyel has convincingly transitioned into the new piano-y style and is no longer suitable for playing on a harpsichord.

Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)
Sonata in C major Op. 2, 1 from ‘Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord with Accompaniments for a Violin or German Flute (and violoncello)’
Allegro moderato, Tempo di Menuetto

Maria Anna Martinez (1745-1812)
Sonata in A major
Allegro, Adagio, Tempo di Minuetto

Ignace Pleyel (1757-1831)
Sonata in A major for piano forte and violin
Allegro moderato, Andante, Rondo/allegro assai

Sunday 24 . . .  3.30pm
Martin Rein (Organ)

Prelude in e-minor BWV 548/1 . . . J S Bach
Allegro from Triosonata 5 BWV 529/3 . . .  J S Bach
Cappriccio op. 59/10 . . . Max Reger
Fugue on BACH op. 46/2 . . .  Max Reger
Improvisation on given theme

Sunday 31 . . .  3.30pm
Matthew Morgan (Piano)