Spring Concert

Sunday 20 October 2013


VoCE is a new group which commenced in 2009 and is based here in the Southern Highlands. That such a group, although small with only three members, has started here in the Highlands is another indication of the talent available in this area. The three members - Gail Robertson, voice, Sabine Madden, piano, and Christine Jarczewski, viola - have individually and together significant educational background in music and considerable international experience as performers. We are privileged to have such talented musicians ready to locate themselves here and to perform for the many local people interested in such music.

Mr Greg Dwyer gave us an introduction to the group and the works performed, all of which had been set for instruments and voice. The works presented were of a wide range and variety from more classical such as Two Songs by Johannes Brahms to Four Folksongs arranged by an American, Allan Smith. These songs, Celtic and English, in particular were familiar yet the settings were rather dark, even melancholy. More recent works by Andre Previn - of note for music composed for movies - and Alfred Uhl were light and uplifting. The program finished with a surprise announced by Gail Robertson, two of which were from Walt Disney: “When you Wish Upon a Star” and, from Mary Poppins, “Feed the Birds”.

Altogether it was an intriguing and most enjoyable performance. It was a privilege to listen to such accomplished performers who presented themselves as a genuine trio. May we have further opportunities to listen to them.

Stanley Croker