Concert Programmme 2018
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Midweek Lunchtime

Wednesdays at 1.15pm

Wednesday 20 June
"Lunchtime With Loiellet"
April Butcher (flute),
Greg Slater (violin),
Christine Tilley (piano)

Wednesday 27 June
Musicians for the Kings School Preparitory School

Wednesday 4 July
Cedar-Rose Newman (Piano)
M&L Concert

Friday 22 June at 10.30am
The Highlands Sinfonia

Soloists: Judith Rough (Soprano)

Cedar-Rose Newman (Violin)

Admission $20 (concert) $25 (concert & lunch)

Proceeds to the National Braille Music Camp
Sunday 24 June at 3.00pm

St Jude’s Singers
Hymn Festival
Sunday 8 July at 3.00pm

In Memoriam
Billy Graham '59